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Analysis of the management of economic potential of the regional systems of the sectoral complex

УДК 332.1


УСИКОВА Олена Миколаївна,
доктор економічних наук, доцент, Директор навчально-наукового інституту економіки і управління Миколаївського національного аграрного університету (м. Миколаїв, Україна)


Introduction. The economy is undergoing dramatic changes today. New tools, frameworks and practices are needed to ensure prosperity within regional systems of sectoral economic potential. The article is the result of a study of regional investment decisions that provide a framework for building a common regional strategy and strategic decision making that allows practitioners to align regional leaders in the overall direction of development and use key elements for regional success.

The purpose of the article is to analyze the economic development and the potential to ensure strategic management decisions.

Research methodology. The analysis of the irregularity of regional systems development of the sectoral complex in terms of their socio-economic development and potential has been used. The model is proposed, which makes it possible to quantify the economic potential, using the method of production functions.

Results. The proposed models of potential subsystems at each level are considered in terms of dialectical unity of resources and the results of their use, which allows to combine the contradictions of resource and result approaches to determine the essence of economic potential. The analysis of the point evaluation of the subsystems constituting the economic potential is carried out. Strategic monitoring is considered as objective information of sectoral management systems and the difference between strategic monitoring and traditional. An organizational and methodological approach to the strategic monitoring of the economic potential of the sector’s industrial complex has been developed.

Conclusions. A system of indicators for assessing the irregularity of socio-economic development of regional units and their potential is generalized and proposed, which is intended to generate a complex characteristic of the studied object by step-by-step study of its components.

Keywords: economic development, economic potential, management, sectoral complex, potential subsystems, information system, strategic monitoring.


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