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Analysis of the effectiveness of dairy cattle breeding in the Republic of Belarus based on statistical and economic research method

УДК 338.43:636.2.03


кандидат экономических наук, доцент,
старший преподаватель, Белорусский государственный аграрный технический университет (г. Минск, Республика Беларусь)


Introduction. Dairy cattle breeding occupies a leading position among the livestock breeding sectors of Belarus, in which more than half of the fixed assets are concentrated, more than 50% of labor resources are occupied and more than 30% of feed resources are consumed, which creates conditions for its accelerated development along the intensification path.

The purpose of the article is to determine the main factors and directions of increasing the efficiency of dairy cattle breeding in agricultural organizations in Belarus.

Results. The redistribution of costs between supporting and productive feed in the direction of increasing the latter as the most effective form of saving in animal husbandry is considered. It is proved that the further development of dairy cattle breeding should be carried out by improving breeding and tribal work to create a competitive Belarusian dairy cow. It is proved that the problem of the competitiveness of dairy products is the labor input, the main reasons for which are highlighted. An economic grouping was constructed according to the annual reporting data for 2017 for 190 agricultural organizations of the Brest region with developed dairy cattle breeding, where the profitability of milk sales was chosen as a grouping attribute.

Conclusions. The analysis of the results showed that a high profitability of milk sales is achieved due to the greater density of the population, a higher average annual milk yield. The increase in the profitability of milk sales is accompanied by a decrease in feed consumption while increasing the consumption of concentrated feed per 1 centner of milk. To increase the profitability of the sold products and the productivity of cattle in the dairy sector, it is necessary to provide the animals with full and high-quality feeds of their own production, and to significantly increase the proportion of concentrated feeds in the diet. Efficient management of the dairy industry is only possible using intensive cattle production technology. Ways of increasing the efficiency of dairy cattle breeding are proposed.

Key words: efficiency, optimization, balance, resource saving, genetic potential, newest technologies.


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