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Analysis of specifics of marketing strategy development of a modern institution of higher education

УДК: 339.138:378


Благун Іван Іванович,
доктор економічних наук, доцент, професор кафедри менеджменту і маркетингу, ДВНЗ «Прикарпатський національний університет імені Василя Стефаника»,
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5178-6002
Уc Марина Ігорівна,
кандидат економічних наук, доцент кафедри маркетингу Харківського національного економічного університету імені Семена Кузнеця,
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4849-0331

The article is devoted to the definition of essential characteristics and classification of types of marketing strategy. In the process of research its characteristic as a component of educational marketing is given. It is identified that the development and implementation of an effective marketing strategy is associated with the need for active change in the higher education system in general and in particular: in its structure, corporate culture, which will help ensure its competitiveness in the labor market and in the education market. services. This is due to the fact that in modern conditions, marketing is becoming not only independent but also a leading management function, which determines not only educational, scientific, but also technical, production policy of the institution, the style and nature of their management. The study identified and analyzed the specifics of developing a marketing strategy for higher education, which includes not only taking into account the market situation, assessing prospects for changes in the market of educational services and future actions of competitors, existing resource constraints and opportunities, but also goals and actions of all partners. In addition, the main types of strategies of higher education institutions were identified by various criteria, in particular: hierarchy in the management system (functional – marketing strategy), stage of life cycle, level of globalization, competitive position, nature of behavior in the market of educational services and more. On this basis, a feasible strategic set of development of a modern higher education institution is proposed, namely a marketing active upcoming strategy for the growth of a niche institution of higher education, which provides for diversification of activities. A promising area of further research should be considered to substantiate the recommendations for the implementation of the proposed marketing strategy for the development of higher education institutions on the example of specific educational institutions with the definition of their features.

Keywords: strategy, marketing strategy, marketing tools, institution of higher education (IHE), development strategy.


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