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Adaptability of marketing and logistics systems of agricultural business entities

УДК 338.443:338.49


ГАНЖУРЕНКО Іpина Валеpіївна,
кандидат економічних наук, старший науковий співробітник відділу транспортних послуг Інституту еколого-економічних досліджень НАНУ


Introduction. The effective development of the internal market for agricultural products is hampered by the violation of the income distribution proportionality between the subjects of its production and the circulation. This is due to the influence of many factors, so it is necessary to find ways to increase the adaptability level of marketing and logistics systems of agricultural business entities.

The purpose of scientific research is to develop theoretical and practical aspects of adaptability of marketing and logistics systems of agricultural business entities.

Results. The formalization necessity of the quantitative estimation method of the realization nature of economic interests of subjects was established in production spheres and the circulation of internal agricultural production. No competitive situation has been identified at different levels of the marketing infrastructure of the given market. The formula is proposed for calculating the indicator, which characterizes the subjects’ dominance of circulation, and calculates its value for the markets of wheat grains of the third class, marketable sunflower, pork, poultry in all categories, milk. The interpretation of the analysis results is given. The possibility of using the methodology to determine the dominance level of a certain group of subjects in the agrarian market, influencing the behavior of other participants of market processes is substantiated. It is suggested to use this technique to analyze the realization completeness of entities economic interests serving the sales channels. The object markets were ranked according to the increase in the production profitability and the products sales by the manufacturers. The process of the object market development is characterized. The interpretation in the indicator values change is given from the point of view of economic processes in the agricultural market. The laws of formation and functioning of the strategic management system of marketing and logistic activity have been determined. Comparison of the classes and types of marketing and logistic strategies of agricultural enterprises is presented. The principles of the construction and orientation of the strategic management system of marketing and logistic activity are outlined.

Conclusions. It is necessary to maintain an adequate level of adaptability in order to ensure the proper functioning of marketing and logistics systems of agricultural business entities. This property depends on the financial condition, activity parameters, economic potential and other characteristics of the agricultural enterprise. Adaptability of marketing and logistics systems contributes to the profitability increase of agricultural enterprises in the sphere of production and circulation.

Keywords: logistics, logistic activity, logistics system, marketing, marketing of agricultural products, agrarian enterprise, sales channel, marketing communications.



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The article was received 19.04.2019