Actual problems of innovative economy and law

The journal is added to the List of printed scientific professional publications in the field of economic Sciences by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine from КВ № 25436-15376ПР dated 13.01.2023.
The journal is indexed in the International Scientific Center of Index Copernicus International
The journal is included in the list of printed scientific professional publications of category «Б» in the field of eco-nomic sciences by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1035 dated 23.08.23.

About the journal

The Journal «Actual problems of innovation economy and law»

The Journal «Actual problems of innovation economy and low» (certificate of state registration Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, series КВ № 25436-15376ПР dated 13.01.2023) is a scientific publication. Articles published in Ukrainian and English (according to the author’s original text) and necessarily accompanied by annotations submitted indicated three languages.

Journal has four editions a year, each edition size – 8.10 printing. pp., size
60 x 84. Field distribution – nationwide. Categories of readers: scientists, teachers, post-graduate students. Thematic focus edition – coverage of issues of the effective operation of enterprises in the conditions of the formation of a socially-oriented, innovative and inclusive model of economic development, current trends and the latest trends in the theory and practice of modern management, marketing and logistics in the system of ensuring the social and economic development of enterprises, issues of the financial system and accounting and analytical support production and commercial processes in the economy, problems of economic security, the development of the system of state regulation of economic and social processes, the establishment of a paradigm of public management and administration, good governance and direct democracy. Dissemination of the results of scientific research on theoretical and practical problems of law and security, scientific support of the law-making process and practical activities of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, promotion of the implementation of state policy in the field of ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens, issues of international law and human rights, diplomatic and consular law; problems of labor, constitutional, civil, criminal, environmental, agrarian and other fields of law.

Scientific directions of publication of the Journal «Actual problems of innovative economy and law»:

  • Innovation and investment factors of economic growth.
  • Entrepreneurship, markets of innovations, goods and services.
  • Modern development of rural areas.
  • Social and economic risks.
  • Innovative development and competitiveness of enterprises.
  • Knowledge economy and intellectual potential.
  • Institutional problems of innovative development.
  • Financial and accounting analysis support innovation processes.
  • Social and labor relations.

Founder of publication:

State Biotechnological University

The legal address of founder:

61002, Kharkiv, 44 Alchevsky str.

Bank details:

HUDKSU in Kharkov region. p/a 35225202003687, MFO 851011

Location of editorial office:

Ukraine, 61002, Kharkiv, 44 Alchevsky str., office. 309.