Actual problems of innovative economy

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№ 4 / 2018

Actual problems of innovative economy № 3, 2018 г.



Competitive, organizational and managerial aspects of innovative development

REITER N. I., ZHELEZNYAK A. M, KRUPA O. M. Professional buyers of consumer goods as an element of the competitive environment wholesalers 5
HRYN YE. L. Program-project approach to organizational changes management at the enterprise 11
KHACHATURIAN B. O. Cost management theoretical principles in creating price competitive advantages 16
ТERESHCHENKO L. V. Methodical approach to determining the personnel readiness to make organizational changes at an enterprise 22

Financial instrument for innovation development

ORIEKHOVA A. I. Analysis of the state of financial potential of agrarian enterprises 28
BOIKO O. Risks for economic security from payment systems based on distributed ledger technology Blockchain 32
IVANCHENKOVA L. V. Methodological aspects of the financial stability monitoring enterprises of the food industry corporate sector 41

Macroeconomic trends of innovation development

HUTOROV A. O. Genesis of forming a paradigm of inclusive development of the national economy 47
NITSENKO V. S., SAHAIDAK M. P., BEREZHNA YU. H., TSUKANOV O. YU. Socio-economic imperatives of the state and the development of the vegetable market: the macroeconomic aspect 53
KOTLYK A. V., JAMAL Y. Methodical approach to analysis of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of the external environment 65
LARINA T. F., DANYLENKO V. V. Ukraine`s economy through a prism of the world development institutional theory 69

Rural territories and land relations development

GROSHEV S. V. Value chains creation management in the context of increasing efficiency of farms’ land resources using 76
MOISEEVA N. I., DIDENKO D. F. Genesis and features of forming of regional market of tourist services. Actual problems of innovative economy 83
DOVGAL O. V. Status and features of the natural resource potential use of rural areas 88
OREL A. M. Motivational process of decentralization of rural territories development 95