Actual problems of innovative economy

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№ 3 / 2018

Actual problems of innovative economy № 3, 2018 г.



Competitive, organizational and managerial aspects of innovative development

SINELNIKOV V. M., ZAIKA S. O., SINELNIKOV M. V. Innovative approaches in estimating the value of agricultural enterprises 5
GRITSKOV E. V. Organizational and economic provision of intellectual capital
management at construction enterprises
LAGODIIENKO V. V., DOVGAL O. V. Factors of economic growth of regions in
disproportance conditions

Innovative development of the food industry

BASIURKINA N., KONSTANTINOVA T. Strategic management of food business
development on the basis of increasing the competitiveness of products
PUSHAK Y. Y., LAGODIIENKO V. V. Social responsibility of food industry enterprises as
basis of modern economy innovative development

Innovative solutions in the agents of agribusiness activities

BOZHKO M. V. Specialization and concentration of production as factors of providing of the efficiency of activity of agricultural enterprises 36
DUDNYK O. V., PODOLSKA O. V., SMIHUNOVA O. V. Pricing in the system of agricultural enterprises on economic development mechanism 43
GRYN E. L. Program development to stimulate personnel for implementing organizational
changes in the enterprise
IVANOVA G. O. Formation of marketing activity by agrarian sphere enterprises 51
GOLOBORODKO Y. O. Formation of competitive advantages of agricultural enterprises
and directions of increasing their competitiveness
VOIT S. M., OREL A. M. Management of investment projects of agrarian enterprises and
associations in the conditions of long-term cooperation

The innovation development effectiveness

OMELYANENKO V. A. Conceptual bases of innovation networks coordination in
strategically important sectors of economy
ONEGINA V. M., VITKOVSKIY YU. P., KRAVCHENKO YU. M. Financial provision in the
strategic management of innovation development
PLAKSIENKO V., SAMOJLIK M., PISARENKO P. Multifunctional modeling regional system of solid waste management to considering syneric effect 80
LYPOVYI D. V. Features of continuous filling of category «marketing» 91
IVANCHENKOVA L. Monitoring and control in the system of economic science and
practice of enterprises