Actual problems of innovative economy

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№ 3 / 2017

Actual problems of innovative economy № 3, 2017


Innovative directions of management of enterprises

Malik M.Y. Land resources management of the agricultural sector of Ukraine: state and priority improvement directions 5
Nitsenko V.S., Rudenko S.V. Risk management at the enterprises of agro-food sector 12
Hryvkivska O.V., Vysotskiy О.A. The formation of a strategic set of capabilities of enterprise to ensure economic security 22

Innovative solutions in the activity of subjects of the markets of goods and services

Zaika S.О., Shabinskyy O.V. Analysis peculiarities of travel agencies activities 34
Kalyna T.Ye., Konstantinova Ye.V., Arzumanyan T.Yu. Development of tourist-recreational activity on nature protection territories 39
Matvienko A.I. Maximizing profits in professional sports: problems and solutions II 46

Innovations in the field of marketing, sales, pricing and logistics

Kornietskiy O.V. Assessment of structural transformations of the food marketing complex 52
Orel V.M. The effect of globalization on economic systems and redising between the competition 58
Zaytsev Yu. Innovative marketing activity in the agribusiness operators competitiveness management 64
Plotnytska S.I. Conceptual approaches to price management in agricultural enterprises 71

Criticism and bibliography

Stefanyshyn E.V. Structural reform of the national economy: methodological and institutional aspects (review of the monograph Vasina A.Yu.) 78


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