Actual problems of innovative economy

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№ 2 / 2017

Actual problems of innovative economy № 2, 2017


Innovation and investment factors of economic growth

Shudlarski Jacek, Zaika S. Bio-fuels as an innovative prospect of Energy 5
Sharko I.О., Gutorov О.I. Innovative rating of Ukraine: international assessments and comparisons 15
Perebyynis V.I., Zakharchenko O.G. The system of indicators of the energy efficiency of sunflower seeds production 20
Avtukhov A.K. Methodological principles for evaluating economic efficiency of innovations in production technology rolls 25

Innovative directions of management of enterprises

Maznev G.E. Management of innovative development of agricultural enterprises 32
Nagaev V.М. Forming of experience of intercultural professional communication of managers in the process of their professional preparation 42

Entrepreneurship, markets of innovations, goods and services

Danko Yu.I., Zhmaylov V.M., Blyumska-Danko K.V. Competitive basis for the development of innovative marketing activities in the agricultural sector 48
Raiter N.I. Analysis of the competitive position agricultural enterprises as a factor of increasing their efficiency 55

Development of rural areas and land relations

Onegina V.M., Batyuk L.A. State-private partnership and rural development 64
Koshkalda I.V., Rіasnіanska A.M. Improvement of the institutional foundations lease land relations 72

Financial and accounting analysis support innovation processes

Plaksiyenko V., Romanchenko I. Receipts and posting of fixed assets in the light of the implementation of international accounting standards in the public sector 78
Maliy E.G. Problems of credit support agribusiness 82


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