Actual problems of innovative economy

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№ 1 / 2018

Actual problems of innovative economy № 1, 2018 г.


Mechanisms of socio-economic systems innovative development stabilizing

KOVTUNOV O.V., LOPATNYUK LA., KULANA І.V. Economic aspects of the concept of innovative potential of agricultural enterprises 5
GIRZHEVA O., BIRCHENKO N. Methods of financing the enterprise risk 10
TSETSIARYNETS T.А., SINELNIKAU U.M. Ecological imperative – a basis of sustainable development of agriculture of Belarus 14
KOVALOVA O.V. The Role and importance of structural policy in the system of economic regulation 22


Potential of socio-economic systems innovative development

NITSENKO V., HAVRYSH V., ZAKHARCHENKO O. Model for optimizing the network of higher education institutions in Ukraine 31
KRASNORUTSKYY O. O., ZAITSEV Yu. O., VLASENKO T. A. Improvement of personnel qualifications at the public institutions 45
OREL A.M. Strategic approaches to intensifying production activity in agricultural machinery 53


Interaction of innovative activity subjects in socio-economic systems

OREL V.M. Assessment and prospects of the meat market in Kherson region 59
CHERKAS N.I. Network connections development in the Industry 4.0 66


Management of innovative development and innovations in the management of socio-economic systems

KORNIYETSKII O.V. Value of logistic control systems in the control system 73
PONOMAREV A.S. Methodological principles of construction of mechanisms of management of innovative-investment development of agribusiness entities 79
KANTSEDAL N., PONOMARENKO O. Scientific substantiation of components of accounting policy regarding accounts receivable 87

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